Master, Wardens and Officers

The Master, Wardens and Officers of the Company Year 2018-19 are as follows:

The Master

Mark J N Winston Esq. DMS FiMgt


The Hon. Treasurer

James J Madden Esq. BSc FCA MInstR

The Senior Warden

Dr (Christopher) John Eaton Esq. MB BS LRCP MRCS 

The Junior Warden

Giles David Stockton ACII ALCM

The Immediate Past Master

Anthony P Komedera Esq. MBA FCA

The Clerk to the Company

David Anthony Barrett Esq. BSc                
256 St Davids Square
Lockes Wharf
London E14 3WE
Tel: 020 7531 5990

The Prime Almoner of the Makers of Playing Cards Charity

C/A Mrs Barbara Ide JP

Assistant Prime Almoners

L/M Dave Brennan



Chairman of the Makers of Playing Cards Charity Trustees

Cptn Michael Davis-Marks OBE,RN

The Hon. Chaplain to the Master

Rev'd Canon Nigel Patrick Nicholson CF DL

The Hon. Archivist

L/M Mrs Mavis Warner BA

The Hon. Curator

Roderick Graham Walker Somerville Esq. MA

The Clerk Emeritus


The Court Stewards

L/M Nicholas Prentice

L/M Stuart Marnoch

L/M Dr Richard Lloyd

The Beadle

Tim Gutteridge Esq.

The Court of Assistants

Members of the voting Court


James John MADDEN BSc FCA MInstR 2006 - 07
(Honorary Treasurer)  2013 -
Adrian Armstead MAURICE BSc 2007 - 08
Lt Col John Richard Cottam WHITE TD JP FSCI LLB 2008 - 09
Brian Nigel PORRITT MA ACA 2009 - 10
Jonathan M F CROWTHER DMS 2010 - 11
Lance Edward WHITEHOUSE 2011 - 12
Rev’d Canon Nigel P NICHOLSON CF DL 2012 - 13
Mrs Barbara IDE JP -
Captain Michael Leigh DAVIS-MARKS OBE, RN 2014 - 15
Charles Roderick Spencer FOWLER CSt.J TD DL 2015 - 16
Richard John WELLS ACII 2016 - 17
- Immediate Past Master
2017 - 18
Mark Jonathan WINSTON BA - Master  
Dr. C John EATON MB BS LRCP MRCS -  Senior Warden
Giles David STOCKTON ACII ALCM - Junior Warden
Mrs. Linda (Lindy) WHITLAM Assistant
Dr. Paul John BOSTOCK BA D.Phil. Assistant
Anthony Leslie BLOWER MB Chb MD FRCS Assistant
David M BOLE Assistant

Honorary Members of the Court


Thomas Stephen CORRIGAN OBE CA 1978 - 79
John Grenville Bernard WATSON OBE 1982 - 83
John Grafton THORPE 1990 – 91
Peter Mark Collet CREGEEN 1991 – 92
David Charles WARNER MA 1992 – 93
Roger Alan HOWELLS ACII 1995 - 96
Michael Harold GOODALL 1996 - 97
Patrick David CRABBE FCA 1997 - 98
Gordon Henry Ernest ROBSON 1999 - 00
William George HUNT TD BA FCA CC Windsor Herald of Arms 2000 – 01
Yasha BERESINER LLB 2001 - 02
Roderick G W SOMERVILLE MA 2002 - 03
David Mark LADD FCA 2004 - 05
(Honorary Treasurer 2006-2012)
William Leslie John Thomas CARD FCMA 2005 - 06

Latest News

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Mansion House Banquet,6th December 2018, photographs now available to order.


"Echoes Across the Century"

Click the image above for more information and a video on the "Echoes" project in which WCMPC have participated.

Interlivery Bridge Competition Monday 4th March 2019


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Next Livery Dinners
Tues. 2nd April 2019 - Livery Dinner with Guests at the Grocers' Hall.
The date of this year's Banquet at the Mansion House is Thursday 5th December 2019
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Court Assistant Dr.Paul Bostock has been commissioned by Bridge Magazine to write monthly articles on Playing Cards.
The articles, including  June2018, can be

viewed here

P/M Roddy Somerville has an update to  bring  another interesting item about unusual packs from the Company's Playing Card Collection

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Master's Programme for 2018 - 2019
The Master's calendar card for the programme of events for the year can now be downloaded here.

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