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Viewing and ordering photographs from the Master's Installation Banquet 2017

At the Master's Installation Banquet for the fourth year running the Company employed Warren Page of PAGEPIX Ltd. to capture the event. The Company has this year again purchased the copyright of the photographs and is providing an in-house service for Members and Guests to order prints or the .JPG file to create their own prints.

The low resolution version of the photographs are reproduced on the following page and can individually be enlarged by clicking on each to see some further detail, albeit still in low resolution. Each photograph has a unique number that can be seen by hovering the cursor over the image or from the title of the enlarged image.

The Clerk has emailed Members to provide the order form which can also be accessed from the button below. All photograph prints will be reproduced from a hi-resolution version of the picture with a professional finish.  

The images on the following page use a unique number or the sequence number of the photograph, one of which will be required for your order.  (i.e. for the first picture "2017 Mansion House Banquet 001" or "Image 1 of 172")

Prints and .JPG files of your selected photographs are now available. Please use the order form below, which should be returned to the Clerk, instructions for payment are included on the form.

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Mansion House Banquet,7th December 2017, photographs now available to order.


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