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National Crimebeat awards 2018 

The  Master presets prizes to the Breck Cadet Ambassadors, winners of the Crimebeat award 2018

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Report on the Charities Evening – 6th June 2016 

On a lovely summer’s evening in the Vista Suite on the 9th floor of the EY building overlooking the Thames, our charity had arranged a drinks and canape reception to which 50+ of our beneficiary charities had been invited. A total of 64 representatives from some 37 were present along with 42 members of the Company and their guests. The purpose of the evening was both to meet our charities and announce the change of name from The Cutler Trust to the Makers of Playing Cards Charity (MPCC) which the trustees felt better reflected that the charity was part of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Card.

During the evening The Master of the Livery Company, Charles Fowler, welcomed both the representatives of the charities and the members of the Livery. He told the attendees that we have:

•   changed the name of our Charity so that it says who we actually are;

•   increased the network of Liverymen to liaise with each of the Charities we support;

•   extended the program of visiting the Charities we support, so that our Liverymen can see how their donations are used

He also said that if and when we can, we present cheques to the Charities we support at functions attended by our Liverymen
He thanked to the two almoners, Edward Copisarow and Mavis Warner for their hard work in arranging the event and also Liveryman Nick Prentice, who has recently taken over as treasurer of the MPCC, for organising the use of such a magnificent venue. He also took the opportunity to thank the immediate past treasurer, Past Master Mark Ladd for all his hard work over many years.

After the Master’s short speech he passed the microphone to the new Chairman, Past Master Tony Carter who had been the Prime Almoner for the previous 5 years before taking the Chair. He outlined the reasons for re-branding the charity and also the new logo, which he said looked a bit like a chicken’s leg but was in fact an eagle’s claw. It was part of the Livery company’s Grant of Arms. Nobody has been able to explain its significance to either the charity or the Livery.

He explained some background both of the charity and the charities it supports:

•   The charity was founded in 1943 following the destruction through enemy action of the Clerkenwell printing works of the De La Rue Company. At the time De La Rue were the main playing card makers in the UK. Shortly after the bombing John Waddington Ltd in Leeds offered the use of its printing facilities to De La Rue but indicated that it did not want to take over the operative staff.

•   As part of the arrangement the two companies contributed funds to set up a charity to provide help to those makers of playing cards who fell on hard times. This charity was named The Cutler Trust after the name of the then Master of the Livery company.

•   The remit of the charity has been widened over the time to provide help, not only to members of our Livery who may need it but also to others in need.

•   The major beneficiaries are charities helping young people up to 25 years of age, but it also supports City charities as well some worthy causes overseas.

•   MPCC disburse £40-£60,000 in grants annually to 50+ charities. Giving has doubled in the last 10 years.

The Chairman finished by saying how delighted to see so many charities were represented and the event had also been well supported by members of the Livery. It was a pleasure to meet so many of the charities that we have been able to help. He hoped that everybody would enjoy the rest of the evening in the magnificent venue.

Photos from the evening courtesy of L/M Mavis Warner & Junior Warden Anthony Komedera are shown below. (click to enlarge).

GalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGallery GalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGallery Gallery

"Echoes across the Century" - a Heritage Art Project 

The  Company is to participate in a Heritage Art project about the supply chain to World War 1 through the archives of the Livery Companies of the City of London. Livery Schools Link, a voluntary organisation supporting education, has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver this heritage project “Echoes  Across the Century”.

Focusing on the role played by the trades and industries represented by Livery Companies, the project will run from May 2016 to July 2017 and will involve 15 Livery Companies and 13 schools.

Students, staff and volunteers will work with a Heritage Artist to discover the stories behind heritage objects from WW1 that are linked to the heritage of the Livery Companies of the City of London, undertake further research of their own and then work collaboratively, guided by the Heritage Artist, to produce their outcome in art work demonstrating their interpretation of what they have learned.

It will require members of the Company to visit Schools to talk about the Livery's involvement and will focus on the 1915 packs given to all hospitalised soldiers at Christmas that year.

The project will culminate in a three month long exhibition at Guildhall Art Gallery during which time a programme of events will engage a large number of students, members of Livery Companies and the public in a thought provoking exhibition to commemorate the contribution made to the war by those working behind the scenes and to create a lasting legacy for schools.

More information about the Livery Schools Link can be found through their own website

There is also a newsletter from the project that can be read here.

Suited & Booted - How a suit can transform a man's life 

Suited & Booted sent us this article which appeared in the Telegraph recently and which may be of interest to readers.

The Telegraph article can be read here

The Jubilee Sailing Trust 

Last year the Cutler Trust gave a grant to the Jubilee Sailing Trust at the proposal of the Master. The Trust offers a ‘Journeys of a lifetime’ to paying passengers or whom 50% are handicapped in some way.

The Trust operate two sailing ships and on 27 August Court Assistant Dr. Paul Bostock and the Clerk David Barrett represented the Trust on an invitation visit aboard STS Lord Nelson at West India Quay, Canary Wharf.

Sailing Ship STS Lord NelsonSTS Lord Nelson is a 3 masted Barque sailing ship, steel hull built 1986 on the Isle of Wight. Her excursions accommodate 40 Passengers and 10 permanent crew, and voyages range from 1-60 days and vary from a jaunt around the Isle of Wight to Cape Horn and transatlantic crossings.

The Passengers are made up of 20 who are physically handicapped in some way including blind and wheelchair bound, the other passengers act as assistance ‘buddies’. All ship’s company work shifts. The ship has chair lifts, elevators, braille, wheelchair tie downs and numerous other aids. The ship has full modern electronic navigation aids but still use paper charts. The minute galley serves 50 meals x 3 occasions every day, the current skipper is ex-RN Submariner Chris Philips.

The ship has two Cummins auxiliary diesel engines, and most crew are trained to climb the masts to deploy the sails; some 30 metres up in the air. The ship weighs 400 tons and the 3 masts are aluminium in construction. The WCMPC visitors met liverymen of the Shipwrights and Lightmonger companies amongst guests.

A most enjoyable ‘open day’ was had and with photos from the day shown below. (click to enlarge).

GalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGalleryGallery Gallery
For information the Jubilee Sailing Trust brochure can be downloaded

RSN, Hampton Court Palace 

The Royal School of Needlework is based at Hampton Court Palace and has links with livery companies through doing occasional work on livery gowns etc. It has the highest quality needlework standards working on such projects as coronation and royal wedding gowns and naturally already receives excellent support from 3 or 4 craft Livery companies, particularly the Clothworkers, Merchant Taylors and Broderers.  The school is currently thriving and increasing its numbers of students and tutors.

The Cutler Trust has given a small grant to Auburn Lucas, who is a “Future Tutor” student and has just completed the first year of a three year course. She combines studying while working in tailoring and has used our award to buy a 12 month travel card which enables her to travel between work and the school.

Every summer there is an exhibition of the students’ work at which prizes are awarded and P/M Mark Ladd was honoured to be invited to make the presentations this year. This was the Cutler Trust's second visit to the school.

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Redriff School year 6 Assembly 

The Cutler Trust is a regular supporter of Redriff Primary School in the somewhat deprived area of Rotherhithe, SE16. A grant made over the last few years has enabled all of the Year 6 Children to spend a week near Bayeux, Normandy with visits to the World War II Commonwealth Commission Graveyards. The idea is to expose children to the terrible sacrifices made, from which they can learn and understand. With CT's help, no child is left behind.

Each year the WCMPC are invited to attend an Assembly to allow the Children to present their trip experiences. This year a number of members and guests were treated to an excellent presentation by the year 6 pupils with everyone playing their part. During the morning a CT grant cheque, supplemented with very generous personal donations from a few Liverymen, was presented to Headmaster Mickey Kelly by Junior Warden Richard Wells.

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Endeavour Award 

Past Master Canon Nicholson presenting the Endeavour Award to Cadet Lance Corporal Eyles of 197 Feltham Detachment.

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Read more here on page six of the Cadet Link publication.

82Sqd (Wandsworth) – Air Training Corp 

Shortly before Christmas Immediate Past Master Tony Carter accompanied by L/M David Westnedge, Anne his wife and L/M Neil Logan Green attended the unit’s award ceremony held at their HQ in Putney.

Tony presented the trophy, which he had commissioned for the Best Newcomer for the Year Award and a framed scroll to Cadet Philippa Saunders.

Members of the Court will be making the award again this year, December 2015, before Christmas.

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Introducing Minibridge in Schools 

The Cutler Trust, the charity of the Makers of Playing Cards Livery Company, has agreed to work with the English Bridge Educational Development charity (EBED) and the English Bridge Union (EBU) to introduce Minibridge into junior and secondary schools.
A note sumarising the concept of Minibridge and the benefit opportunities for school children can be downloaded here.
June 2015 Update
The Cutler Trust has received the attached Flyer advertising a Junior Bridge Teach-in at Loughborough in August.  This is further evidence that Minibridge amongst Schools is indeed taking off. 

City of London Freemen’s School:  

School prizes were awarded by the Trust to two Junior School and one Senior School Student at the City of London Freemen’s School, Ashtead in Surrey on Thursday 10 July.  The event was attended by the Clerk who represented the Trust, the Senior School prize was presented by the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor Alderman Fiona Woolf.

Each prize consisted of books and a pack of the Master’s 2013 commemorative Installation playing cards.  The Junior School Art prizes were awarded to Emily Trubshaw and Evelyn Lawrence, and the Senior School Art prize was won by Emma Walker.

The Clerk joined the Headmaster Philip MacDonald, the civic party and other distinguished guests for lunch, also joined at the table by School Governor Hugh Morris CC, who is a liveryman of the WCMPC.

The letter of thanks from Deputy Head Vicky Buckman can be downloaded here

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